Route Maps

Easy-to-read, detailed and accurate service mapping
These are mostly used for bus networks and ferry services

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Ferry Route Map  Ferry Route Map

For services that require more geographically accurate service mapping, such as bus routes, Netzplan is also able to provide route maps in a variety of styles. Like our schematic maps, our route maps seek to maximise legibility for the passenger by minimising clutter and presenting information in an easy to understand manner. This is achieved without the need for large amounts of text and also utilises internationally recognised standards.

Geographically-accurate Bus Service Maps are most useful for the mapping of bus services. Netzplan's route maps can illustrate either one line at a time for maximum detail, or several routes simultaneously (for better network context), whilst retaining clarity.

The route map above on the left was prepared for TransLink and shows the Gold Coast public transport network. This map informs customers about how to reach their destination by showing all available services on the one map. This map is also accompanied by larger-scale versions that show finer details, including street names, individual bus stop locations and additional points of interest.

Netzplan is also able to create schematic Bus Network Maps. The regional schematic Bus Network Maps below were prepared for TransLink to reflect bus service changes in its South East Queensland Bus Network Review.

Western Region map  Southern Region map  Moreton Bay Region map  

Gold Coast Region map  Eastern Region map

Where there is a high density of services, we can provide larger-scale sub-regional network maps to illustrate provide more detail and less clutter, as illustrated by the sub-regional maps for the Gold Coast shown below:

Ferry Route Map  Ferry Route Map  Ferry Route Map