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Well-designed schematic maps are the most effective means of communicating how to use a public transport network to customers. They can be static, online or interactive. Netzplan utilises a refined development methodology for developing new schematic network maps; this results in a product that is clear, uncluttered and accurate. These standards can be applied using a number of customised styles to suit a variety of individual brandings.

With a Netzplan schematic map, services are differentiated by colours, stations denoted by nodes and relevant information is conveyed through internationally recognised pictograms. This ensures that the map can be easily understood by a wide customer base; in particular — those most likely to need the map — infrequent customers or visitors using the network for the first time. Netzplan can design schematic maps for heavy rail (suburban or metro), subway, tram (light rail), bus, ferry and monorail networks. We have also developed a unique multi-modal style for inner-city networks.

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Netzplan is also able to provide service-specific schematic maps, which focus on one particular service. The service-specific schematic map below was prepared for Sydney Fast Ferries' Manly high-speed ferry service, whose customer focus is commuter orientated. These customers need to access the office buildings located in the CBD — between Circular Quay and Central railway stations, but also head towards North Sydney, St Leonards and Chatswood. These destinations, and how to reach them on the transport network, are all clearly shown on the map.