Integrated Information Packs

All the information your passengers need in one document

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Sydney Fast Ferries - Integrated Information Pack  Sydney Fast Ferries - Integrated Information Pack

Note: The enlargement PDF has two pages

With the variety of information that passengers may require (such as maps, timetables, ticket information, etc.), they may often need to hold several documents for the trips they commonly make. To help streamline the flow of information for the customer, Netzplan offers integrated public transport user guides, combining all this information into one simple, comprehensive and easy-to-read service brochure. These can take to form of a trifold brochure (for individual services) or a booklet (for networks).

With the various types of information combined into one document, passenger hassle is reduced, especially when a passenger is attempting to make a trip for the first time. Passenger satisfaction is increased when service information is reliable, clear and easy to use. This in turn, will improve the likelihood of patronage growth.

If your operation is considering relaunching or introducing a new service, or you wish to highlight a significant step-change in customer service provision, then now is the time to ask us how we can assist with a service info brochure or user guide.

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