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Kedron Brook  Toowong

Public transport customers often have to connect with other services to complete their journeys; upon arriving at a large transport interchange for the first time, or needing to make an unfamiliar interchange, passengers can be challenged by task of finding where to find their connecting services.

Netzplan's interchange maps seek to eliminate this challenge and help guide passengers through complex interchanges, and reassure them that they are connecting with the right service. Our interchange maps present information relevant to passengers through the use of colours, pictogram symbols, platform (or stop) numbers, and connecting routes so that passengers unfamiliar with the location or the local language are able to find their way.

The example interchange maps above show the layout of the surrounding precinct where a variety of service connections between trains and buses can be found. The focus of these maps are to direct passengers between the railway or busway services and the other modes nearby. Click on the images above for an enlargement of these maps.